I want to thank everyone for both their kind words and their patience during these last couple weeks. It’s been rough, but I was genuinely moved that a bunch of people I have never met – who only know me from my dumb ramblings about an even dumber erotica book – took the time to express their condolences and sympathy regarding the passing of my father. I really appreciate it.

Now, the good news. I just finished reading chapters 23 and 24 of Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, actually, that’s not so much good news for me as it is for you.  Because, guess what? I don’t want to surprise you or anything, but…they weren’t very good. But you’ll be hearing all about it soon, because the final few Chapter Reviews should start hitting in the next few days. And then I will finally dive into this Fifty Shades Magazine. Question – for the magazine, would you rather I just do one article that gives an overall impression and summary of the whole thing, or a few entries where I concentrate on the particular articles I find most ridiculous?

Anyway, thanks again, everyone. This journey is almost complete, and once it’s finally done, we can all rest easy knowing this – I took far longer reading this damn thing than anyone should take reading a book of this size and reading level. What the hell, I’m gonna wear that with pride.

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Give me zombies or give me death. Wait...that doesn't make sense.
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6 Responses to NO.

  1. MJ says:

    I am going to be very selfish and vote for multiple posts on the worst parts of the magazine. Yes, I’m willing to sacrifice your sanity for my amusement.

    (Welcome back!)

  2. Lisa (Caprigirl60) says:

    Trev, you get huge props for slogging your way through that trash. Because of your spin on it, you’ve made it a treat for me. There’s no way I could have gotten through that mess on my own.

    I’m with MJ I vote for multiple posts on the worst parts of the magazine as well.

  3. Broken Zebra says:

    Multiple posts means more funny T-Rex moments, sooo duh.

  4. idaniamentana says:

    Multiple posts! Yes!

  5. Bob says:

    Multiple posts – If I make you suffer extra anguish perhaps that will make the girls like me, as clearly cutting a lovers flesh with a belt makes them want their ‘own Christian’ – but I’m getting ahead of things.
    Trev – it took me almost three weeks to read chapter 26. I read it in an hour but it took the rest of the time to summon up the energy/willpower. I feel your pain.

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