Coming Soon…

Fifty Shades… The Magazine…

Yes, I have a copy. And yes, I will be reviewing it.

I must really love all of you…

About Trevor Snyder

Give me zombies or give me death. Wait...that doesn't make sense.
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5 Responses to Coming Soon…

  1. MJ says:

    Oh you brave, brave soul. *sniff* This kind of sacrifice is what makes America great.

  2. Korrin says:

    Oh, fuck me. You SO have to show that piece of shit to me when I come back in December. *sighs*

  3. redhead says:

    I wanna see this piece of shit too. in fact, I want to buy a copy, so every time some lady I know tries to convince me to read 50 Shades, I can whip out the magazine and be like “sister, I am an entire step ahead of you”.

    I find the “20 books steamier than 50 Shades!” headline especially amusing, since there is about 20 bazillion well written smutty and or just plain sexy books that are steamier than 50 Shades.

  4. This is proof that the Mayans were right. Thank God the world is ending next week!

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